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“ [They are] responsive to requests for additional functionality and the operating system is robust and well-supported "

-Richard Finch, MD, Elevate Retail

We are People Management specialists
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It saves you time
(and money)

Create & deploy custom questionnaires, and get flexible, global reporting on results. With our staff self-booking and scheduling system, alongside extensive client management capabilities you can manage your entire business through this feature-rich product.


Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. on any device

We’ve developed TeletrackPLUS to work seamlessley offline and take advantage of mobile features including GPS and photo capture. You can operate your business from any location utilising telephones, smart phones, computers, laptops or tablets!


Drill down on results & data to gain insight

Instantly download any data stored within the system and get flexible, global reporting on questionnaire results and clients. Comprehensive filtering and attribute-selection abilities allow for the customisation of each report to suit the intended audience.

Your business’ new best friend

Your business’ new best friend

Using our unique ‘Visit management view’ you can see an overview of all work being scheduled and carried out, making it possible to drill down and view individual visit details by project, person, location, status and so on. Administrative actions, such as re-booking, rescheduling and resetting can be quickly carried at any level whether for an individual visit or an entire project.


Client management

Manage all your contacts in TeletrackPLUS from a single page. Never lose track of who your clients are.


Staff management

Staff can manage their own appointments, book or decline, with geolocation check in. Staff also have the flexibility of managing and editing their own user profile and login details.


Appointment scheduling

View appointments in either a weekly or monthly format, making time management easier. Sync with 3rd party calendars for full flexibility.


SMS and email reminders

Drive maximum completion levels with automatic notifications of new work or reminders of outstanding work that has yet to be reported.

Super-powered survey tools.
Create, deploy, analyse.

Teletrack’s export suite provides the ability to instantly
download any data stored within the system.


Advanced questionnaire builder

Choose from a multitude of field types from simple text boxes & radio buttons to advanced options like text masking and date capture.


Question routing (skip logic)

Skip Logic allows you to configure your form to show or hide fields based on user selections, ensuring an easy flowing survey experience.


Signature capture

Some surveys require signatures, which Teletrack caters for. The signature is entered directly on the mobile device and then saved as an image.


Telephone & SMS response

Users can record a voice message or enter data on their keypad. Simple question and response surveys can be deployed and answered via SMS.


Check in with location

Callers can check in using their mobile device and their geo loaction is stored and submitted when they synchronise with the server.


Photo capture & Image Gallery

Using your mobile device’s onboard camera you can take pictures and save them to the survey. Your pictures upload when synchronising to the database.

With our unique client reporting portal you can
Harvest results & data quickly & easily.

Teletrack’s export suite provides the ability to instantly
download any data stored within the system.


Extensive exporting capabilities

Create as many reports as you need. Then, if you wish, make them available directly to your clients. Data straight from the field to your client.


Template based reporting

Import your Excel templates into Teletrack and automatically populate with raw data from surveys. Forward onto one or more recipients.


Geo-location reports

Reports contain a map of the user’s checked-in location and distance from intended location, which can be useful for compliance auditing.


Task-based automation

Exportable reports can be scheduled to run overnight and automatically emailed without further involvement of an administrator.


Offline reporting

Capture data while you’re out of service range, benefits the Survey. You can fill out the required appointement onsite in stores and remote locations.



Our powerful search and filtering system helps you to find what you’re looking for quickly and lets you get back to work.

We see our clients as partners

Our proposition is to work with you for a two year strategic development partnership, through which we customise the system to your own individual requirements. We will assist with complex campaign challenges and even attend sales pitches and demos as part of your sales team.

  • Unique strategic development and consultancy agreements
  • Customise Teletrack to your requirements
  • Always built with the latest technology
  • World class support 24/7

100s of businesses already love TeletrackPLUS

Meet some of our customers and discover how TeletrackPLUS has impacted on their business

“Cosine has enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Teletrack over the past 7 years. They have a highly responsive and collaborative approach to product development and have always reacted with pace and enthusiasm to requests for support. They understand our industry well and have brought good value to our proposition.”

- Paul Hayward, Data Solutions Manager, Cosine UK

“We adopted Teletrack from the inception of our business over 6 years ago and have enjoyed a strong strategic partnership relationship throughout. [They have been] proactive in developing their solutions to meet the changing needs of our industry and are responsive to requests for additional functionality and the operating system is robust and well-supported”

- Richard Finch, MD, Elevate Retail

Talk to the developers


  • Tyron, TeletrackPLUS Developer

    I've spent over eighteen years working with businesses that service the FMCG industry, continuously looking at new technologies that can improve efficiency without imposing technical complexity, and am well aware of the challenges the industry faces. I look forward to providing my expertise to all TeletrackPLUS customers to help them continue streamlining their businesses.

  • Anita, TeletrackPLUS Developer

    Having run my own website business, I know the benefits of having a developer that can listen to and interpret your business requirements. Teletrack's product is designed with you in mind, to assist your business, and together continue developing a beneficial tool.

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  • “ They have a highly responsive and collaborative approach to product development”

    - Paul Hayward, Data Solutions Manager, Cosine UK


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